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Finding new uses for old items!

Use all your old bottle caps (or those left over from yesterday’s party) to make a DIY wind chime.

Use tiny nails to punch holes on each side of the bottle cap lip & thread through some chain or strings or fishing wire (old necklace chains, anyone?). Here are some step-by-step directions:

1. Gently tap the nail with the hammer until the nail pokes through the cap, making a small hole.

2. Lightly tap the hammer on the sharp edges the nail made on the underside of the cap to push the edges down.
3. Repeat until all the bottle caps you are using have holes
4. Cut five three-feet strands of fishing line. Knot each one at one end.

5. Thread the fishing line through a bottle cap. Make another knot where you want the next bottle cap to sit. Repeat with all the strands until you have as many caps on a strand as you want. Leave six inches free of bottle caps at one end.

6. Cut a thin piece of metal with the tin shears into any shape. It needs to be around six inches across.

7. Use the nail and hammer to put four holes around the outer edge of the shape. Put one hole in the middle.

8. Pull each strand through one hole. Make a knot to sit on the top of the piece of metal to hold the line in place. The lines of bottle caps should hang from different lengths. The bottle caps should hang down, and the extra line should stick out of the other end. Tie the ends to a hook and hang the wind chime.

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